In the Moscow region SPARE has become popular for scientists: present and future.

In the Moscow region SPARE has become popular for scientists: present and future.

Authors: L. Zhirina V. Shinkarenko

Interpreter: Bamidele Oni, the director of the NGO Green impact International (Nigeria), volunteer of the NGO Viola (Russia)


One of the SPARE program objectives is environmental education. In the Moscow region, SPARE creates opportunities for students to become talented scientists in the future. We have created a network of permanent action and scientific students’ Society. Professor Evgeny Titov and Professor Lev Evelson helped develop set of guidelines for schools, which operate under the program SPARE for a whole year. The Dr. in biology Lydia Povzikova and director of "Orthodox education center" Mikhail Koptev helped develop research programs in model schools in the city of Moscow and the Moscow region. In these schools we have set up research laboratories for students and conducted training seminars on the SPARE.

Regional SPARE coordinators, All-Russian Public Organization of Socio-Ecological Union (RSEU), helped organize and conduct two interesting conferences with the participation of scientists from the International Academy of Information, Childhood Institute and the magazine "Modern kindergarten."

1. August - September 2016, Moscow: International Conference "SPARE is on the wings of childhood" was held at the Central Hall of the Academy of Sciences and continues to evolve through the Internet. Scientists and teachers of 16 regions of Russia took part in the conference. We have organized the activities of the conference into three sections, namely: "SPARE for school"; "SPARE for preschool children"; "Information and communication technologies in lifelong learning." The conference offered the SPARE project the opportunity of intensifying work with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. It was decided to supplement school project SPARE with the project of the International Academy of Information "Power from nothing" and the photo contest "Toddler, forward!”

2. November 2016: Scientific-practical conference "On the possibilities and experiences in the implementation of sustainable development" was held on the World Day of information (World Information Day). V. Kuznetsov - Director of the UN Information Center in Russia made a presentation: "The objectives of sustainable development up to 2030". There were presented books and posters on International project SPARE as well as innovations and proposals aimed at improving the quality of life and climate protection. SPARE program was presented by several speakers: Dr. in biology L. Zhirina, coordinator of SPARE in the Moscow region: "Innovations in the program on the basis of SPARE education and education"; Professor V. Shinkarenko: "Energy for life" (he used material of the conference "On the Wings of childhood":; Doctor of Biology I. Kvitkovsky, deputy director of school № 947 in Moscow, "Moscow Energy Resources Education»

We hope that the SPARE project will help many students to become scientists in environmental and energy efficiency fields.

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