Moscow actively took part in Enegry Saving Day and other actions of SPARE program

Moscow actively took part in Enegry Saving Day and other actions of SPARE program

Authors: V. Shinkarenko, L. Zhirina, L. Tsyplyakova, O. Repnikova , N. Abelyan

Editor: Marina Shelkunova, a teacher of foreign languages Gymnasium №1 Bryansk region, Bryansk region.

Regional and national SPARE coordinators developed some new information materials for children and teenagers of 3-17 years old for the Energy Saving Day – 2016 and distributed them to all kindergartens, schools, centers of additional training . More than 50 educational institutions in Moscow and the Moscow region became participants of various actions and practical actions in November, 2016.

Since 2013 SPARE program works in kindergartens in partnership with the bright innovative programs "Growth Vector" and "Heat and power plant from nothing":

Such partnership helped to adapt books, games, posters of the SPARE school project for children of 3-7 years. Some thematic masked balls, poem and photo contests took place. Parents told children what they do to protect natural resources.

Operators and journalists of Channel One of Russian TV of Russia became participants of Energy Saving Day in the preschool department of the Moscow school № 183 of. The professionals allowed children to become a part of the staff of TV channel. Children interviewed tutors, employees of the kindergarten, parents. The children asked competent interesting questions, independently conducted dialogue on such difficult subject as heat and water saving.

On Energy Saving Day many schools conducted thematic lessons and class hours about energy efficient lighting and careful use of energy resources. Teachers, members of SPARE energy crews –used Energy Saving Day for drawing the attention of school students to the importance of use of modern light technologies for improvement of quality of life. Children found out the opportunities and benefits of energy-saving technologies. Energy Saving Day helped to create energy saving behavior model and a responsible attitude to natural resources.

The school students told the younger one about energy efficient lighting, careful attitude to resources and about energy saving technologies. They also drew posters and pictures, took pictures on the subject: "Let’s save water and heat", "Let’s protect heat and water", prepared reports on the subject "Effective and economical use of heat”.

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