SPARE project

SPARE project

SPARE Russia  was founded in 1996, and since that 740 schools became an active members of the program, and 2800 schools are using various public awareness materials  developed by the SPARE School Program.  SPARE Team consists of 2100 teachers and 81000 school students. More than 2000 events have been marked throughout the country such as:  International Day of Energy, the Day Earth, World Environment Day, Car Free Day.

Given fact to the country’s economic profile SPARE Russia puts special focus on such thematic areas that are: use and transportation of natural and energy resources, energy efficiency and climate change.

SPARE Russia has established a strong partnership with various educational departments,  universities, research centers, regional environmental protection committees, libraries,  energy supply centers. 

SPARE Russia provides capacity development of school teachers through various workshops and trainings on energy producing, supply/consumption, climate change and, other environmental issues of global concern.

With a support of various experts SPARE program developed and published   guidebooks on  energy supply that were approved  by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation as a supplementary materials for secondary school.

Another publication “ I and Energy” developed by the Program is used as an  supplementary material for  9th grade school students.   Dozen of other supplementary publications  on climate change, energy saving and efficiency, sustainable development,  teaching and hands-on-training materials  were published  for both teachers and  school students.  

With the support of SPARE Program an environmental councils have been established in a number of schools. Environmental councils through its free volunteer membership mandate brought together not only teachers, and school students but also other staff members of schools.

Environmental councils promotes low carbon emission policy through information sharing meetings .

SPARE Russia  led the nationwide information campaign for  Russian Socio-environmental Union  under the slogan The Most Big, Clean and Efficient Energy of Russia”. The campaign scenario contained a various  PR and outreach activities such as: exhibitions, round-table discussions, conferences and environmental demarches.